”Trade analyst Nishikant Choubey agrees and argues, “You have to understand the fact that when it comes to our country, we have an audience for pretty much everything, with a diverse cinematic palate. Then suddenly, there were half a dozen other shows doing the same track, and almost all of them did well. It just takes one successful attempt by one show, and everyone will follow unabashedly.

Supernatural lore and within that concepts like reincarnation are indeed what the average Indian GEC viewer is lapping up with a lot of Fuchsia Mink faux fur fabric interest right now.Bollywood and tellywood are both heralding in stories based on the mystical concept of reincarnation with renewed vigour and contentMere Karan Arjun aayenge who doesn’t remember these words of an iconic filmy ma whose angst-ridden wait for her two sons brought them back to her via a punar janam Sure, that was 20 years ago, but if upcoming Bollywood films and television shows are anything to go by, reincarnation sagas are all set for a cinematic resurrection. Since we have a lot of choice, no one can put a finger and say oh this theme is good or that one is bad, simply because we cannot judge anyone’s choices. And that’s most often where the creativity as well as novelty ends. “It’s very simple. I have been part of the creative team for one of these supernatural-oriented tracks myself, and I know for a fact that at least there, what you ended up seeing on your screen was the decision made not by the writers from a creative point of view, but by the channel from a business point of view. Hence, there was a nagin on one show, followed by a whole show on nagins and now there’s reincarnation. Why that is so, however, is anybody’s guess and makes very little difference to showmakers as long as it gets people to watch. Why the sudden fascination with the subject We make a humble attempt to find out.”. This new obsession with the subject is, at least to me, just an extension of the race for ratings. It’s ultimately a matter of choice, that’s it.”A senior screenwriter for a Hindi General Entertainment Channel points out, on the condition of anonymity, that at least on television, all creative decisions boil down to the numbers game.

There is nothing wrong in repeating the same theme either, as it is an embodiment of all that’s transgressive and outside the mainstream, and is an ultimate crowd-pleaser. An audience’s tastes stand on similar ground.From the point of view of a viewer, advertising professional Akshay Singh shares, “I really thought my mother was joking when she told me that we will actually have a tele series on nagins!!!

I was aghast, appalled and puzzled all at the same time wondering, do we still have an audience for THAT sort of a plot Then I came to know that the show was real! I am still a bit traumatised over two factors — one, why on earth would anyone want to see something like this and two, why in the world are sane television production houses losing their cinematic minds Even in Hollywood, movies and series about the afterlife and reincarnation are a recurring phenomenon for some directors, like the Wachowskis who made The Matrix and then Cloud Atlas — but I am really annoyed because we in India are yet to witness anything that’s even remotely close to these examples. As the true potential of reincarnation-based stories is tapped, the visual treat that they can offer to viewers broadens entertainment avenues owing to the overall cinematic experience so created. But ultimately, they all head the same way — taking up things that will get them a larger audience. Hindus believe that a soul is formed when it separates from an undifferentiated source and it will transmigrate during physical death from one body to another, endeavoring to achieve a state of disembodied perfection and exit the cycle of life. She says, “In reincarnation, we are revisiting folklore that the Indian audience has grown up with — be it through a tale narrated to us by our grandparents or through relatively older films. This philosophy is so strongly ingrained in the cultural fabric that networks use it every now and them — to capitalise. Themes like reincarnation present this epic multi-platform universe that is entwined with cultivated philosophical and religious values, and surely strikes a chord with telly viewers. Therefore, when they take up something like reincarnation, it might seem to you like they’re picking an area that hasn’t been explored for a while, when in reality they’re just picking on a different portion of an area that is doing very, very well on television already — supernatural folklore. When their interest dwindles — and it will, soon — the makers’ obsession will fade automatically,” he asserts. You’re seeing the resurgence of reincarnation because it is what the audience wants to see right now. But how long can you do the same thing So, you look for more variety, albeit within the same thematic space. You can show numerous stories that span a millennium — one from the present, another from the future and one from the past, and have parallel stories that revolve around the theme of a man/woman/nagin in pursuit of eternity and love. And by then something more far-fetched and dramatic will have been found to sustain a dozen other shows that’s the general pattern.

If one reincarnation saga works, there will be a deluge of punar janams till you won’t be able to handle any more. Karan Johar’s much-delayed Shuddhi and Homi Adajania’s Raabta on the big screen and Ekta Kapoor’s Nagin and Adhuri Kahani Hamari on the small screen are a few passageways for the regular Indian drama-lover to find a way back into mystical lore of old. Manisha Sharma, Programming Head at Colors TV whose recently launched show Nagin incorporates reincarnation as a central plot point, says that one of the primary reasons for the subject’s current popularity is that for the present generation, it roots back to times that they have heard or read about from a relative distance, creating a sense of unfamiliarity.

Personally, I can only tell what they aren’t doing — covering up their lack of creative drive. The concept is something that appeals to viewers across all target groups, including even the discerning male audience. And the funniest part is that it actually works! Sasural Simar Ka set the ball rolling in this case, with supernatural lore making its ratings shoot up.”She adds, “The trend has penetrated into television in the form of mysticism-oriented tracks and storylines that are finding many takers among the present generation of viewers too. Every artist has their favourite motifs that they apply to the bulk of their work: political or social struggles they perceive to be ongoing or perhaps emotions they believe are at the root of all scenarios. Don’t be surprised if you see three more examples come up after you publish this article. Indian viewers today have a strong affinity towards mystical thrillers which incorporate multiple twists and turns as well as some traditional folklore in the storyline, thereby making the genre a hit. And what’s adding insult to injury is the graphic front, which is sadly underdeveloped.This is the case with both sides of the fence — the channels that aren’t doing well might start out with a widely publicised concept of novelty, with cutting edge programming that touches areas no one has touched before

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Anything can be brought up at anytime, irrespective of the context or logic. They are all, separately and through joint ventures, devoted to pull Bala out of his perpetual sulk.There are strange oils and stranger massages, head-stands and head masks, including one made out of bhains ka gobar and saand ka, well… to coax some follicles on Bala’s banjar scalp. They help create, define characters and add meat and zing to a story that is quite meagre. It doesn’t matter.And since the film is set in Kanpur, when men talk to other men here, they always begin with “abe” and end with “bae”. His monologues are sharply written and rendered in elegant jest.And then to its primary beneficiary, Balmukund Shukla urf Bala a school-going boy who mimics filmy heroes because he is oh-so-in-love with his own hero-like looks and locks.Some dialogue and scenes are so hysterical that I’m still laughing thinking of them.Bala’s dialogues are not just quick-witted and nimble, but also load-bearing.And yet, riding on that battering, he goes from strength to strength.This rise and demise is very welcome, because it’s karma, bae.In one way, this marks the demise of hero-driven films — or, well, the death of the superstar. Seema Pahwa, Javed Jaffery, Saurabh Shukla, Abhishek Banerjee, Sunita Rajwar, Vijay Raaz create Bala’s ecosystem with their skill and brilliance.Maybe you can imagine where the story goes, or maybe you can’t.Bala beseeches them all — through self-deprecating humour and heart-felt appeals — to save him, help him.

Its dialogues are especially crackling and carry the film from the beginning to the end.This time his male ego is being manhandled by director Amar Kaushik (of Stree fame) and writer Niren Bhatt, in a film that is devoted to the long-faced male sulk over the slow, agonising, inglorious demise of lehrate-chamakte tufts of hair.

Then there are his two friends — barber Ajju and Bachchan Bhaiyya (Javed Jaffrey). But Yami Gautam, surprisingly, totally nails the pretty-dumb model’s character. The film repeatedly focuses on and questions why women are expected to accept hairless wonders, while men feel entitled and emboldened to judge and reject women on the basis of their skin colour. What matters is that the film is really fun.Bhumi Pednekar, though constricted by a character that’s not very well written, is good.The discussions Bala has with his family and two pals are loaded with indignities that are not meant, of course, because that’s how close-knit, loving, interfering families and friends in India talk.The voiceover of Baal jumps a decade-and-a-half to show us how its disappearance has impacted the same Bala (Ayushmann Khurrana). And though they insult him and joke, they also provide uppay, nuske, remedies.Bala casts Ayushmann’s two leading ladies with whom he has delivered his two best films — Vicky Donor and Dum Laga Ke Haisha — and uses their well-established chemistry and goodwill to jump-start their relationships here. Even a hair transplant is considered, but…Then there is Bala’s friend-turned-enemy Latika (Bhumi Pednekar) who is now a lawyer, and her moonch-waali mausi (Seema Pahwa).

Few films capture how north Indian families communicate with each other — sarcasm and insults first, unsolicited gyaan then, followed by idioms, muhaware or lokoktis (proverbs).A routine conversation about something quite banal can suddenly begin to drip with past hurts, accolades and current misdemeanours. Old sores and scores must be settled by having the last word.Except for a few dull moments in the beginning and the climax that becomes a bit preachy, Bala is mostly a pitch-perfect choreography of its actors, director, dialogue writers, cinematographer, musicians and editor that makes you laugh a lot, while taking note of Bollywood’s exceptional character actors who have lately been getting more screen time because they finally have real characters to inhabit.This is best exhibited in Bala through the lovely bitching between Bala’s father and grandfather. Rewriting the Bollywood hero a little, changing mindsets a bit.Bala intertwines two tracks — about male baldness and women’s dark complexion — to deliver a rap and a message about the hypocrisy of Indians, especially those residing in the north. They administer a kantap (an ear-shattering slap).A voiceover (Vijay Raaz), chuffed at its own significance and beauty, introduces us to the film’s protagonist — Hair, Baal. On the other, it marks the rise of actors, and stories.The young actor hardly has a proud and patriarchal body part or function left that hasn’t already received a walloping for the sake of the box-office.

And here people don’t deliver simple slaps.Bala is set in Kanpur, of course.At Bala’s office, where he’s required to market and sell an “ayurvedic chemicals wali fairness cream”, he hates his boss and colleagues, but brushed rabbit hair Faux Fur Fabrics stalks the product’s pretty model, Pari Mishra (Yami Gautam), on TikTok.So obsessed is Bala with good looks that he doesn’t think twice before insulting and hurting his best friend Latika, who is dark skinned and already hurting from the fact that in a school play she’s cast as Kubja (hunchback) who is made pretty (read: fair) by him, playing Krishna.With all of them, Bala’s conversations are only about his hair, specifically the lack of it, and it’s these exchanges that are the soul and smooth scalp of the film. Her “I’m so happy that I’m so pretty and so superficial” blank but riveting expression is priceless. Lol!And they, of course, regularly channel ardent love for Bollywood which, in cities like Kanpur, begins and ends with Bachchan, bae. Even his bodily fluids have been engaged and embarrassed, and his male ego has taken a beating, repeatedly. What a welcome change from the stale saas-bahu ki chik-chik. On his delicate body parts rest the salvation of men and their faux mardangi. And, of course, there is a sting in its tail.Ayushmann, as always, embraces his look and character with such affecting, robust irritation that you feel his pain.Rating: Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam, Bhumi Pednekar, Seema Pahwa, Javed Jaffery, Saurabh Shukla, Abhishek Banerjee, Sachin Chaudhary, Sunita Rajwar, Vijay Raaz (voiceover)Director: Amar KaushikPoor Ayushmann Khurrana.The film’s dialogue, that have a pace and rhythm as if it’s a kavi sammelan of insults, take references from the world around, and then add some random political comments, like one about a state running “Bhagwan ke bharose”

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In its statement, the Delhi Golf Club said the member who had hosted the lunch had "unconditionally" accepted its apology. Merely issuing a statement is not enough," he said."It reflected how we treat our own people in our own country," he said.."It was a clear case of racial discrimination."It was also confirmed that the guests were not asked to leave the club premises," the statement said. Such an elitist mindset of some people will destroy the social fabric of the country," he said."It has emerged that the incident could have been handled in a much better way by the staff members," it said.Read: Khasi woman evicted from Delhi Golf club for &Rabbit fur with white print faux fur fabric resembling maid'; club issues apologyRijiju raised the matter with Patnaik after Meghalaya chief minister Mukul Sangma discussed the issue with the minister.An incensed Rijiju told reporters no one had the right to judge a person by his or her attire.

The club must accept it was wrong and act accordingly, he said, adding that there was "no point" issuing a statement.Rijiju said Indians often faced discrimination abroad over the colour of their skin. It also said the incident was being given a "political and cultural overtone"."I will also speak to the urban development ministry on how such privileges can be given to people with such mindsets," he said about the club, which occupies prime land in the heart of the national capital.

Union minister Kiren Rijiju on Tuesday described as a "clear case of racial discrimination" an incident at The Delhi Golf Club, when its staffers asked a woman from Meghalaya to leave a dining room because her traditional Khasi attire looked like a "maid's uniform".He asked Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik to take appropriate action on the June 25 incident, which, he said, also reflected an "elitist mindset".The minister of state for home, who is from Arunachal Pradesh, said the incident was "unfortunate and condemnable".

It said the club management immediately investigated the incident.The club issued a statement on Tuesday, saying it had apologised to the club member who had invited Sondhi and herson's governess, Lyngdoh, to lunch."It is unfortunate and regrettable that an undesirable attempt is being made to give the incident a political and cultural overtone," the club said."Action should be taken.The Meghalaya woman, Tailin Lyngdoh, was asked to leave the room because the club's staffers believed her traditional outfit looked like a "maid's uniform", her employer, Nivedita Barthakur Sondhi, said.The Delhi Golf Club incident, he added, was also a case of racial discrimination."Many # of us create a hue and cry over such incidents," he said

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”Such splendid words that arise from knowledge of the arts, of creation, of aesthetics! This dimension cries for more attention in India. Till as long as I see many of our heritage structures lying abandoned or usurped by vandals, people saying in a deprecating way ‘oh, classical music’, we still have work to do. My list is endless. Why do I feel each and every time that this vastness and richness is so overpowering and unparalleled Because it is so. They surround you in the little things that are imperceptible. Then everyone was touched with his humanistic approach towards migrants. When music and dance take a beating it hurts. We are in a country where education in scientific fields still hold hegemony over the humanities. But like Dr Raghavan, the late music buff and mathematician once shared with me that “a mathematical equation is like a musical notation. Embroidery, fabric, colour, archeology, sculpture, music, dance.

Let us not forget that the world would not flock to see the Taj if those craftsmen were not endowed with a supreme sense of aesthetics. It can never really feature consistently in the income progress indicators of a nation. This cannot be fulfilled without sustained investment and engagement from the state. When we have such refinement in our culture, why do I see monstrous structures randomly dotting our traffic islands, with no sense of taste or aesthetics in the least A country that can produce Hampi can certainly do better in urban beautification but that’s another story.Everyone was ecstatic when the Canadian premier danced Bhangra. Creating a niche spot for artists and craftsmen, putting it on the forefront would be an enviable agenda.

Investing in the arts will provide impetus to creation and growth in a multi-dimensional way.One of the reasons for this is also because learning rarely addresses this in the institutional educational set-up. Sophisticated laboratories are more valued than a school of art. When a patachitra artist takes months to make his astounding painting and spends hours trying to convince the buyer why he needs to charge what he does, it hurts. If we do not want it that way we need to work on it.

Why do I also feel a sense of despondency sometimes It is when I see the struggle, the lack of recognition, the battle and the challenge to make a living out of something so profound, so abundant and inexhaustible. How nicely put! Each and every day I see around me in India, symbols of art and culture that are inviolable, unalterable. Or the astounding temples that baffle imagination. Not to forget the amazing poetry and music that have nourished us over ages. We need to relook it in terms of skills, capabilities as Amartya Sen advocated and take heritage indicators more seriously than we are. The engagement with arts is long, Bright feather blue alpaca faux fur fabric strenuous, meaningful.net.

Bhatrihari’s metaphor likened a person without arts to a beast. Now he thoroughly wins hearts with his concern for the arts by way of the promised allotment of a generous budget for art promotion. It has grace and flow. I cannot agree more with the Canadian finance minister when he referred to culture as a “collective wealth that goes beyond economic benefits and statistics”.This major public reinvestment is surely going to impact the quality of creation, recognition and projection. She can be contacted on vasu@vasumathi. Time for some lessons Dr Vasumathi Badrinathan is an eminent Carnatic vocalist based in Mumbai. The Canadians have scored over us on this. They shine in the larger mosaic and simply overwhelm you sometimes

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